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 Advanced Firearms and Weaponry

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PostSubject: Advanced Firearms and Weaponry   Sun Jan 14, 2018 5:25 am

Advanced Firearms and Weaponry
Developments in advanced alien technology are used by X-Com to provide superior weapons, which progress outside of normal human technology upgrades. While most are a mixture of human and alien technology, the following are weapons developed based on the advancement of alien technology. Each weapon type can improve over time with further research, with each research upgrade sequentially allowing for the next series of weapons, and their upgrades. In order to get plasma weaponry, you must first have researched gauss weaponry, and before that laser weaponry, and so on. Two types of weapons research are possible in general, standard human upgrades and alien upgrades, with upgrades to human research on weapons improving ballistic weapons, instead of advanced weaponry. 

The three main type of alien weapon advancement research are PEP lasers, Guass weapons, and Plasma weapons. PEP Lasers, or pulse energy projectile lasers, use Guass guns utilize electromagnetic acceleration to accelerate hardened depleted uranium projectiles at high velocities. Plasma weaponry are the final development of such technology, and utilize electromagnetic acceleration to propel plasma at high velocities towards their targets. Each of these weapons have their own merits, and can be upgraded with further research, giving them special abilities. 

When improved, PEP lasers have secondary stun effects that help temporarily incapacitate the target. Electromagnetic Gauss rifles receive a boost to damage and armor penetration, as the high mass projectiles have superior momentum and inertia to even plasma weaponry. Plasma weaponry can be used to manuver around corners, and can the ability to change directions mid flight, as they are directed with magnetism. 

PEP Laser
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Advanced Firearms and Weaponry
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