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 Accessories and Equipment

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PostSubject: Accessories and Equipment   Thu Nov 15, 2018 2:29 am

This equipment represents, largely mechanically, what each piece of equipment can do. Holsters, tactical vests, boots, clothing, and other equipment largely don't have mechanical purposes so much as story one's, and thus are not included in the list. They can however, be obtained regularly. While you theoretically have an unlimited amount of the equipment shown available to you at character creation, keep in mind that you only have as much equipment as you can carry, which is determined by your strength (Strength Dots x 25, in pounds).

Firearm Accessories
-Standard Scope
-Large Scope
-Night Vision Scope
-Laser Sight
-Forward Grip

-Survival Kit
-First Aid Kit
-Climbing Gear
-Demolitions kit

General Equipment
-Lock picks
-Walkie Talkie
-Sighting Tools


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PostSubject: Firearm Accessories   Thu Nov 15, 2018 2:29 am

Firearm Accessories

4 x 40mm Telescopic Sights
Durability 1-3, Size 1-3, Structure 2-4, 1 lb

This scope provides a +1 bonus to all firearms rolls. The scope additionally allows +1 potential dice on aiming rolls, increasing the ordinary benefit from aiming from 3 to 4, for instance; this still requires one more turn of aiming, however.

10x 60mm Telescopic Sights
Durability 1-3, Size 1-3, Structure 2-4, 2.5 lb

Halves range penalties, rounding down. Generally, at medium range this would be -1, and at long range this would be -2. However, this also applies to ranges typically beyond your weapon. So for instance if you wanted to aim 100 yards over your maximum range, this would incur -1 penalty, instead of -2. If you wanted to aim past 400 yards, this would be a -2 penalty, instead of -4. This scope however, due to it's restricted field of vision, reduces accuracy in close quarters, incurring a -1 penalty to close quarters ranges of your weapon. The scope additionally allows +2 more potential dice on aiming rolls, increasing the ordinary benefit from aiming from 3 to 5, for instance; this still requires two more turns of aiming, however.

Night Vision Scope
Durability 1-3, Size 1-3, Structure 2-4, 1 lb

Laser Sight
Durability 1, Size 0, Structure 2

Laser sights improve accuracy at short and medium range, but are ineffective at long range, as the laser dissipates and becomes useless. At short and medium ranges, a shooter can add +1 to her attack roll. At long range, the normal –4 penalty still applies. Laser sights do not work with medium burst or long burst autofire. However, laser sights do still provide benefit when using a short burst, as the sights still allow for easier initial target acquisition. The red dot from a laser sight is visible, however. The target of a surprise attack using a laser-sighted weapon gains a +1 bonus to his Wits + Composure roll to avoid surprise (see p. 151, the World of Darkness Rulebook). If conditions are foggy or dusty, the laser becomes even easier to see, because the airborne debris illuminates the entire beam of light (which is normally hidden). In such circumstances, the bonus to avoid surprise increases to +2.

Forward grip
Durability 1, Size 0, Structure 2

The forward grip provides additional support to the weapon over traditional grips, increasing the accuracy somewhat. By placing the grip in a more ergonomic, hammer position, keeping the weapon still, or allowing it to remain stable with repeated fire, it can increase the ability to control the weapon, and thus the accuracy. This increases the minimum firing range of your weapon by 25 yards, and additionally reduces medium and long range penalties typically incurred by 1. As well, the accuracy when firing firearms in fully automatic fire (20 round+ bursts) is increase by 1.

However, this takes up the portion of the weapon in which forward attachments can usually be utilized, thus disallowing other devices, such as grenade launchers, to be present.

Durability 1-3, Size 1-3, Structure 2-4, 1 lb

Suppressor's provide a rather tremendous advantage to stealth, keeping the user hidden from his enemy's by masking or even eliminating the acoustic report of the rifle, and to some extent the flash as well. The weapon follows the "silenced" rules if it is a pistol or submachine gun, or the rules listed if it is an ordinary rifle. A suppressor can be attached to any weapon except a grenade launcher or other heavy weapon.

Submachine guns and pistols, when using a suppressor, become silenced weapons. As ordinary, no enemy past 50 yards can hear the weapon, and within 50 yards make a perception roll with a -2 penalty to notice your position. With all other firearms, suppressors provide an additional -4 penalty to any individual attempting to notice the first shot of the user. If over 200 yards away, no matter how many rounds fired individuals trying to pin-point the location of the user must roll a perception roll, with the -4 penalty of the suppressor. At close range, the weapon is simply too loud and can be too easily heard to provide substantial benefit against multiple shots.

Durability 2, Size 1, Structure 2, 1 lb

Bipods are small devices usually connected to the front of the weapon to provide additional balance and support. While the bipods themselves are not necessarily particularly large or add some form of increased firepower to the weapon themselves, the ability to balance the weapon, which would ordinarily be top heavy, on nearly any surface, and be easily deployed allows it to more or less take the strain off of the user by spreading out of the weight of the weapon. This in turn can make the weapon easier to control.

When deployed, a bipod reduces the strength requirement of the weapon by 1, and increases firearm related attack rolls by +1 for the weapon. These devices can only be used when prone or with some device in order to prop it up. Deploying the bipod can take one turn, but the bipod does not need to be closed in order to move. While the bipod can always be unfolded, it still takes a moment, or a turn, to properly place and deploy a bipod.

Durability 3, Size 3, Structure 3, 8 lb

Tripods are relatively large devices, very much so similar to bipods, except for their size. While they provide substantially better support, 3 support positions instead of 2, they are substantially larger than bipods, and usually used to hold the entire weight of the weapon. Often times as heavy, or even heavier than the weapon itself, they can take an extremely long time to set up, and are much heavier than bipods. These devices take a while to set up, about 3 turns, unless they are already attached to a weapon, in which case it is two turns; however, this increases the strength requirement to wield the weapon by one, and adds a -1 modifier to all firearms rolls. When deployed, the tripod in turns take all the strength requirements completely off the user. It can be set up nearly anywhere, as it does not need to balanced against anything to provide additional support, as the tripod itself takes the brunt of the weight of the weapon. In addition, the weapon receives a +3 to firearm rolls while the tripod is effectively deployed.

A user below the strength requirement for the weapon can still carry it, but cannot make firearm based attacks unless it is deployed, as it is too heavy to be held to the shoulder and fired accurately by the user.
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PostSubject: Kits   Thu Nov 15, 2018 2:33 am


Survival Kit
Durability 1-3, Size 1-3, Structure 2-4, 6-18 lb

Maps, compasses, water filtration devices, charcoal filters, matches, lighters, lighter fluid, rubbing alchohol, magnesium firestarters, and all sorts of things. Books, showing how to make complex shelters, bows and arrows, traps, food gears, and all sorts of things. Tents to sleeping bags, this equipment helps you to survive throughout the night and during the day, gather food, recognize edible plants, and all sorts of things. While there is some variation to weight for a better or worse survival kit, in general the more supplies you carry, the heavier the books, and so on, the more knowledge you have and the easier it is to navigate the terrain, find or utilize supplies, craft objects, and so on.

The bonus is more or less equal to it's weight. So a 6 pound survival pack provides a +1 bonus to most survival rolls, a 12 pound +2, and an 18 pound +3. The exact contents are up to you, but in general more or less lighter fluid could mean an easier time starting fires, thicker books means more info on plants, a better filtration system might have a hand pump and a comlex nanofilter instead of being purely charcoal, and so on. This is all up to you; mechanically, you never run out of your survival equipment, so it has an indefinite life span for these purposes.

First Aid Kit
Durability 2-4, Size 1-3, Structure 2-4, 6-18 lb

Gauze strips, band aids, rubbing alcohol, scalpels, bath salts, morphine, and all kinds of things. These med kit can be as complex or simple as you want, with basic tools and equipment to allow you to help heal an individual, on almost any roll. While the exact content is up to you, it might be advisable to include books, pamphlets, and other such devices. For making a roll to stop bleeding or further injury from resulting, you might have to use band aids and first aid, or with a level 3 pack, might have quick clot, which instantly clots surface blood and actually warms up to a point where it might burn the individual, helping to further seal the wound. You might have some tweezers and a scalpel, or a very large tool set for individual methods of cutting and incision, thus increasing the total size of your equipment.

The bonus is more or less equal to it's weight. So a 6 pound survival pack provides a +1 bonus to most medical rolls, a 12 pound +2, and an 18 pound +3. The exact contents are up to you, but in general more or less morphine, different types of medicine for different injuries, larger books, and so on is all up to you. Mechanically, you never run out of your medical equipment, so it has an indefinite life span for these purposes. For all medical rolls to try to heal someone, you gain the equipment bonus modifier as extra dice to the roll. Your medkit might also contain information on how to treat wounds, to give you a basic refresher on the subject.

Demolitions kit
Durability 4, Size 1, Structure 1, 5lb-15 lb

A demolitions kit is often necessary for the creation and use of explosives. The use of a demolitions kit provides a bonus, equal to it's rating, to the crafts or science roll used to make explosives. They also reduce the successes required to make a certain type of explosive grade by 1, down to a minimum of 1. So, for instance a military grade explosive would only take 2 successes, rather than 4, per pound to make, on an extended roll with a demolition kit with a rating of 2. At each level, the piece of equipment weighs an additional 5 pounds. The demolitions kit includes detonators, radios from which to set off those detonators, books on how to make explosives, safety equipment such as gloves and a mask, and other materials. Beakers, glasses and other materials can also be used help you construct explosives. While you may have to craft your own detonators and radio receivers after enough uses, the actual detonator switch is reusable, which significantly reduces the need for certain resources in the wild.

Climbing gear
Durability 4, Size 1, Structure 1, 4-12lb

Ropes, bungees, pitons, hammers and clamps, the tools helpful in climbing a sheer surface, whether it's a mountainside or building. Bonus dice are added to Strength + Athletics rolls, and are equal to the climbing gear's rating. More and better climbing gears weigh's more, due to the additional ropes, climbing harnesses and so on. The entry level gear is 4 pounds, while the average gear is 8 pounds, and the superior gear is 12 pounds.

Basic climbing kits can be as little as a rope, some hooks and a Carabiner. More sophisticated climbing kits involve the use of a climbing harness, which wraps over the body and distributes the weight of the rope over the entire body ,rather than at any given point, allowing the user to fall without the rope cutting in to them and rappel with the use of only one of their hands. A level 3 kit is extremely heavy duty, with overrated, 1,000+ pound rated carbiner clips, multiple climbing patons and ropes, shoes which dig in to most surfaces but don't impact you when you run normally, high-friction resistant gloves, and military grade climbing harnesses and safety gear. When you fall from any climbing kit, all falling damage is converted from bashing, to lethal. With a level 2 kit, 2 points of damage is removed, and with a level 3 kit for points of falling damage are eliminated, on top of whatever bonuses you already possess.
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PostSubject: Companion   Thu Nov 15, 2018 2:34 am


Dogs, like children, can be bought for a 3 merit retainer, and cannot go higher or lower in merit cost. A dog can do anything a dog can normally do, from fetch to attack people, although they do not have opposable thumbs or the ability for speech, giving them far more limited abilities than a person. While dogs vary in abilities considerably, dogs more or less share the same basic features. To be an effective hunting or military dog, the animal needs to be about size 4. While other dogs can be useful, they do not serve as retainers for mechanical purposes. Dogs in this case are between 60 and 150 pounds, just below the size of a human in most cases. Dogs can have varied attributes and skills, but possess no merits of their own. Dogs, like any retainer, can potentially die or be lost in some other way, making them a finicky merit. If this happens, your lose the dots in this merit, but can be refunded the exp. Similarly, finding a dog along the way is a complicated task. To convert a dog in to a retainer can take time and access to, a dog, as well as a good relationship with it. However, it is possible to do after character creation, especially if you lose a dog. Dogs with previous owners like yours, who used the dog in a complicated role, such as bomb sniffing, human tracking or hunting, will be easier to train or convince to follow you, instead.

When deploying a dog to do a complicated task, such as retrieve a particular weapon or item, you make an animal ken + relevant attribute roles. When a dog is making a relevant roll, such as attacking people, you roll the dog's skill, such as brawl + strength, for damage. A dog's claws count as weapons with +1L, and a dogs teeth count as lethal weapons with +2L. These can be applied to a grappling roll, and a dog can make a grappling roll as an attack roll. Dogs are incapable of using weapons, firearms, and computers, and have no capacity for academics or science. For social rolls, dogs are capable of the rolls, within reason. They can intimidate for instance very easily, but cannot go on lengthy monologues attempting to rattle or scare people, and cannot be used for interrogation. They can be used to lie or conceal their behavior, and even express empathy to cheer people up, but a dog cannot use socialize in order to mingle with guests, even though the socialize skill could be useful to socialize with other animals or people in different ways. What an animal can do is limited, and certain skills will be more beneficial than others, and some skills are obsolete all together. Use your common sense when constructing the animal. However, if you so choose to have high socialization, subterfuge etc. nothing will prevent the dog from having that. Athletics and brawling have obvious uses, but you can ignore these abilities. All dogs start off with 1 in brawling and athletics irregardless of their other traits. Dogs can also use empathy for their animal ken rolls.

All dogs start off with Iron stamina (1), Fleet of foot (1), Hardy (3), Parkour (1), Small Framed (2), Direction sense (1), and Strongback (1). Fleet of foot, Iron Stamina, and Parkour can be increased to their maximum level by purchasing merits. Fast reflexes, fresh start, defensive combat, Iron skin, Trained observer, and Professional Training can be bought as well with exp, irregardless of prerequisites. Otherwise, no other merits can be purchased unless approved. A Dog's carry rating is reduced by 1 for it's strength level. So, for instance if a dog could carry 100 pounds with strength 4, it can instead only carry 75 pounds. Strongback does not impact the long term carry limit, eliminating this as a factor. This is due to the relatively small size of dogs and the relative weight, as well as their general reduced endurance when compared to humans.

Abilities: 5/4/3
Skills: 11/7/4
Species Speed Factor: 8
Size: 4, Species factor +1 health
Experience: Equal to yours
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PostSubject: Re: Accessories and Equipment   

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Accessories and Equipment
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