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 Task Force 252 - "Valkyrie"

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PostSubject: Task Force 252 - "Valkyrie"   Sun Dec 30, 2018 6:20 am

Task Force 252 - "Valkyrie"

Task force 252, otherwise known as Taskforce: V or Task force: Valkyrie, is an elite, quasi-governmental agency tasked with handling supernatural entities most of the world refuses or is unable to admit exist. From Lincoln to Washington, reports of supernatural beings had been present in nearly all governments since the dawn of civilization, and stories from thousands of years ago of super powered humans were especially common place, many even revered as gods. To handle these threats and others, should they ever arise or even exist, special organizations had been formed over time tasked with dealing with them. Since the Roswell incident in 1947, even though the event was never fully revealed to expose aliens, the potential threat of extraterrestrial activity prompted the formation of a task force to deal with the threat should it ever emerge, and keep the information classified and prevent it from leaking in to the public. If aliens ever become aware that we were watching them, they might retaliate and so keeping the information quite was paramount to prevent a potential attack. If they know we knew, and were hostile, they might stop trying to infiltrate society, roll the dice and nuke us. To prevent that, humanity would need to stall the aliens and lull them in to a false sense of security by making them think, we didn't know, thus making the aliens think they had more time.

Of course, public discourse designed to be opposed to those who believed in extraterrestrials and, government officials and civilians were taught that it was "crazy" to believe these sorts of things existed. In order to draw away public scrutiny in addition to avoiding embarrassing itself, Task Force Valkyrie remained a covert force. It involves members at every level of government, form the CIA, to the FBI, to the military and even regular law enforcement. Some members are civilians, which makes masking the organizations activities even easier. The organization is not an independent agency, like the NSA or CIA, but a conglomeration of the top minds of each working together to fight potential, or real supernatural threats, forming an interdepartmental Task Force. While there obviously have been very few, the recent emergence of "zombies" has provoked a response from the highest level of government, and naturally the TFV.
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Task Force 252 - "Valkyrie"
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