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 Silenced Weapons and suppressors

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PostSubject: Silenced Weapons and suppressors   Sun Dec 30, 2018 6:35 pm

Silenced Weapons

Certain weapon's make noise, there's no way around it. Coupled with their flash, the report of a gunshot is nearly unmistakable, acquiring the attention of anyone in the area to the fact that an attack has been made. Melee weapons do not have this feature, being relatively quite, as do bows and arrows and crossbows, counting as "silenced" weapons. To hear you, an enemy within 50 yards makes a perception roll with a -2 penalty, in addition to whatever other penalties are present. For unsilenced weapons, such as rifles, shotguns and so on, it's simply impossible to not alert your enemy's of your position when you use a gun normally. However, there are ways to avoid this.

First, a single shot will not immediately reveal your position. Instead, enemies out to 600 yards make a perception roll, with a -2 penalty, to notice your position. Like many snipers know, simply firing a single shot will keep the enemy from being able to tell where your position is. After two shots, the human ear can triangulate your position, and after three it becomes rather easy and impossible to hide. As long as 1 round is fired every 10 turns or 30 seconds, you simply will not attract as much attention. For every shot made in the same spot, you add an additional +1 bonus to your enemies chance of finding you, irregardless of how many rounds fired per minute. A user cannot fire from the same spot multiple times without eventually being found, but he can fire from a different location. If your character moves to another location, and you successfully roll a stealth roll to conceal your movement, you can be considered to be taking your "first shot" again. Disappearing and then reappearing is a viable way to keep your enemy's off guard.

Submachine guns and pistols, when using a suppressor, become silenced weapons. As ordinary, no enemy past 50 yards can hear the weapon, and within 50 yards make a perception roll with a -2 penalty to notice your position. With all other firearms, suppressors provide an additional -4 penalty to any individual attempting to notice the first shot of the user. If over 200 yards away, no matter how many rounds fired individuals trying to pin-point the location of the user must roll a perception roll, the -4 penalty of the suppressor. At close range, the weapon is simply too loud and can be too easily heard to provide substantial benefit against multiple shots.
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Silenced Weapons and suppressors
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